Petal was found last week in Castlerea and taken to the local vets where she spent 4 days, as she was a stray she was registered under the pound. Now that her time is served, she is now in the care of Roscommon SPCA.

Poor Petal has a broken disc in her spine, it is an old injury and not operational. She has a tumor in each of her ears and an ulcer on her eye. Petal also has bad teeth that will have to be removed. She has muscle wastage in her back end and has difficulty getting about. Her coat is matted, but now most of the matted knots have been removed. She may have been used as a breeding dog. In spite of all this she is a lovely natured dog, her recovery will be slow but she will get the best care possible. We have some graphic pictures of her tumors and ulcers but have decided not to show them, as we know quite a lot of young people now follow our page.