Meet Dolly & Cyril, both looking for their retirement home.

Dolly is female and 9 years old, spayed, quite active, talks lot, super healthy, never had the slightest complaint, nor even sleep in her eyes. Lovely condition. Wary of strangers, afraid of dogs.

Cyril is male around 11 yrs old, not neutered, reasonably healthy, had varied past inc. tough times. One eye doesn’t open fully where he may have been kicked. Very affectionate, just wants to be fed and cosy rug to lie on. Sleeps most of time. Goes out at night as that’s how he’s been used to. Otherwise he’s indoor all day.  Both cats fully domesticated, use litter tray, very clean.

If you can offer a home to those two lovely well cared for cats, please send us a message.