This lovely little cat that was found on the street in Ballaghaderreen a couple of days ago is now in veterinary care. She is a young adult cat, not a kitten but has a lot of health problems.
She has muscle wastage on her hind legs and throws her legs outwards when she walks. This is due to having hip dysplasia which is fairly common in dogs but rare in cats. She also has abdominal pain that needs further investigation. She has a number of swellings in her abdomen which are her lymph nodes inflamed, the vet took a biopsy which has been preserved for further testing if needs be. This could be due to the bowel being very inflamed and causing her to block up…..the inflammatory bowel disease could be the cause of the lymph node enlargement. We will do everything we possibly can to help her, she is a lovely friendly cat and we have named her June.