Kittens will need to be 4 months or older and in good health before neutered.

This is a Community based programme run by Roscommon SPCA in County Roscommon only, the money we have for this has come from the Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Grant for 2020.
The criteria for this are quite strict and this is how you do it
1. Make the appointment with your local vet
2. Contact us on 087 050 5594 with the Name of Vet and
Date of appointment, your Name; Phone Number and
Eircode, proof of address may be required.
3. We will then contact the vet with the discount code once
all required information received.
4. The discount code will only cover what we have agreed;
any extras will be your own responsibility.
5. If we do not receive the required information, you may end up paying the full price at the vets.
Community spaying/neutering programme, you will pay €10.00 to the vet. Roscommon SPCA is then invoiced by the vets for the remainder of the cost. DO NOT APPLY VIA FACEBOOK.
This is supported by the Department of Agriculture 2020 Animal Welfare Grant which we recently received.