Duke & Sam

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This is an incredibly sad story of two lovely dogs whose elderly owner went into hospital six months ago. Every day those two poor dogs were waiting in the hope their owner would be coming back home to them. A kind neighbour watered and fed them, but sadly six months later the sad news is that their owner is not coming home but going into a nursing home, so we have been asked to take them both into our care, Duke & Sam and find them forever homes. Before they go up for re-homing, they will need some veterinary care and time to get over their trauma. Thank you to the lady in Elphin who has offered them both grooming which I am sure they will enjoy. Duke is a terrier an old boy around twelve years old and he will be looking for a home to retire to. Sam is a collie X and around seven years old, he will also need some veterinary intervention before re-homed. They are not available for re-homing yet as they need lots of care and time to help them adjust to the changes in their lives. Any donations towards their veterinary care and welfare will be greatly appreciated.PayPal Donate link:https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=AV82W3KJ4KM9G