Chester & Matthew

Two lovely male kittens looking for a home together, both came from horrendous background and only for the care they received from their foster mother, they would never have survived. Both will be re-homed together and will be indoor cats with access to outside. A home check will be carried out.



Those are two lovely cats straying at a house in Bealnamulla area, Roscommon. Looks like they may have been dumped there. Looking for homes if no one claims them.



Two cats are straying at a house in Rahara, Knockcroghery area, a tabby and a black one. If no one claims them, they will need a home.


Meet Dolly & Cyril, both looking for their retirement home.

Dolly is female and 9 years old, spayed, quite active, talks lot, super healthy, never had the slightest complaint, nor even sleep in her eyes. Lovely condition. Wary of strangers, afraid of dogs.

Cyril is male around 11 yrs old, not neutered, reasonably healthy, had varied past inc. tough times. One eye doesn’t open fully where he may have been kicked. Very affectionate, just wants to be fed and cosy rug to lie on. Sleeps most of time. Goes out at night as that’s how he’s been used to. Otherwise he’s indoor all day.  Both cats fully domesticated, use litter tray, very clean.

If you can offer a home to those two lovely well cared for cats, please send us a message.





We are running our discounted Community Spaying/Neutering programme for all cats. The cost to spay/neuter a cat is €10 and the rest is funded by Roscommon SPCA.

Those wishing to apply can send their name, address, phone number and vet details to, or call/Text to 087-0505594 or message via Facebook. Once this information is received, a reference number will be given to you. A reference number will not be issued unless all of the information is provided. Proof of address may be required.

This is the ideal opportunity to get cats spayed/neutered now.

The importance of spaying/neutering:

Kittens can become pregnant at between 4 and 6 months old.

They can mate with their siblings. (Sick and deformed from inbreeding)

A gestation period of 2 months.

Spay at 2 months (approximately 2lb in weight). Spay after first heat.

Cats can stay in heat constantly but generally 2 to 3 times a year and for several weeks at a time and for all of their of lives. (No menopause). It is possible to have 5 or 6 litters per year. And can become pregnant by more than one Tom at a time.