Two lovely kittens one male and one female, the female is the black one, male black & white who was hand-reared will be ready for her new home in a couple of weeks, if you can offer a home, please fill in our online inquiry form, a home visit applies.



This lovely little female kitten who was hand-reared will be ready for her new home in a couple of weeks, if you can offer Rosie a home, please fill in our online inquiry form, a home visit applies.



Roscommon SPCA is run on a day to day basis by volunteers and we are only a few, we cannot be everywhere, so we are looking for some help. We are inundated with calls about cats and kittens at the moment, including sick and injured ones. We are looking to set up a database of people willing to foster on a long term basis and in an emergency for our cats and kittens.

All veterinary care will be paid for us and we will provide as much food etc as we can. If you feel you can foster, please get in touch with us, we are not experts in everything we do but we always try our best. If you can help, please fill in our short online fostering inquiry form here.



The five kittens part of two litters that were left at a lady’s house is now in the foster home. The three older ones are desperately in need of veterinary care and will be going to the vets in the morning, they have sore and runny eyes poor things. Any donations towards veterinary care will be greatly appreciated. All this could be avoided if the mother cats were spayed.


This lovely little cat that was found on the street in Ballaghaderreen a couple of days ago is now in veterinary care. She is a young adult cat, not a kitten but has a lot of health problems.
She has muscle wastage on her hind legs and throws her legs outwards when she walks. This is due to having hip dysplasia which is fairly common in dogs but rare in cats. She also has abdominal pain that needs further investigation. She has a number of swellings in her abdomen which are her lymph nodes inflamed, the vet took a biopsy which has been preserved for further testing if needs be. This could be due to the bowel being very inflamed and causing her to block up…..the inflammatory bowel disease could be the cause of the lymph node enlargement. We will do everything we possibly can to help her, she is a lovely friendly cat and we have named her June.


This lovely male ginger cat is looking for a home, he is neutered and flea and wormed. If you can offer a home, please fill in the inquiry form here.


Two lovely female kittens looking for their forever home, both sisters, flea and wormed and very friendly. If you can offer a home, please fill in our online inquiry form here.

Rose & June




We are running our discounted Community Spaying/Neutering programme for all cats. The cost to spay/neuter a cat is €10 and the rest is funded by Roscommon SPCA.

Those wishing to apply can send their name, address, phone number and vet details to, or call/Text to 087-0505594 or message via Facebook. Once this information is received, a reference number will be given to you. A reference number will not be issued unless all of the information is provided. Proof of address may be required.

This is the ideal opportunity to get cats spayed/neutered now.

The importance of spaying/neutering:

Kittens can become pregnant at between 4 and 6 months old.

They can mate with their siblings. (Sick and deformed from inbreeding)

A gestation period of 2 months.

Spay at 2 months (approximately 2lb in weight). Spay after the first heat.

Cats can stay in heat constantly but generally 2 to 3 times a year and for several weeks at a time and for all of their lives. (No menopause). It is possible to have 5 or 6 litters per year. And can become pregnant by more than one Tom at a time.