tulsk kitsWe had a call from the school in TULSK to say they found five kittens dumped in a cardboard box behind the school. They are around six to seven weeks old.



mms_img-1492375516(1)We have named this collie Patrick.
This little dog was found yesterday 17 March in the Fairymount area, many thanks to the kind lady that took him in. Went to see him this morning to sort out his veterinary care. What I saw was heart breaking, this poor little collie, no more than a foot high, just a skeleton, blind and deaf and full of tumors and no teeth. The little collie is around fourteen or fifteen years old, what a miserable life this poor boy must have had.



collie starving2This beautiful three or four year old collie was dumped in someone’s garden yesterday afternoon, totally emaciated and weighing only 8 kilo. He is hardly able to walk and keeps falling over. He has been vet checked and we need a foster home for him where and can recover slowly from his ordeal. 22 January 2016



courageYoung kitten found abandoned in Athleague. Currently under veterinary care, as you can see this little kitten is in a bad way, touch and go with her at the moment. This little kitten’s leg was full of gangrene and she had to have it amputated. Will require fostering in the near future. Any help towards her veterinary care will be appreciated. 14/01/2016


kittyThis little kitten was found with horrible injuries. 25/11/2015



Desktop64This female kitten is about 8-10 weeks and found in this terrible condition. 17/11/2015


On one of the coldest, wet and windy day so far this year in Castlerea. Sunday 26th October 2014. Seven little collie pups were dumped outside the Church in Castlerea. They were found shivering, shaking and hungry. Tonight they are safe with a very kind family who took them in. From tomorrow Monday 27th October we will need to find a foster home for our abandoned puppies. Can you help? They can be divided up to make it easier, as we realise seven can be a handful. Please get in touch as we desperately need your help on this.


Oliver 02 October 2014 00130 October 2014

This little eight month old puppy was rescued and handed into the care of Roscommon SPCA.  He had been very badly beaten and had suffered severe neck, shoulder and stomach injuries. He was very underweight and suffering from malnutrition.


Eli rescued dog23 April 2014

FRENCHPARK area. This poor boy walked at least 2 miles today alone as he was spotted in other places…..been on the road a long time I’m surprised he is still as friendly. Thank you to all the people involved in the rescue of the poor dog today…he is totally starved…his eye hanging out and a skin condition…he is in the vets on a drip and pain relief…prayers needed.

26 April 2014

Eli was obviously dumped on a bog several weeks ago and had been living in the area since that. When we picked him up on Wednesday he was so weak he had to be carried to the car. He had finally succumbed to starvation and lack of veterinary care. He spent 2 days in the vets and went out to a foster home on Friday. He seemed to be making progress, we were really happy because he had started to eat. That night though we had to call out the vet and he had to be put to sleep. He developed what appears to have been heart failure. We are appalled at the level of his suffering over the past weeks as he trudged the roads trying to survive. A lot of tears shed at Roscommon SPCA for the lovely gentle Eli.


Ballaghaderreen Co. Roscommon Sunday 02/02/2014

horsesBallaghaderreen Co. Roscommon Sunday 02/02/2014

Hungryhorse Outside were alerted to a herd of horses and donkeys in Co. Roscommon who had nothing to eat. Upon arrival they found that there were 4 carcasses in the vicinity, 3 very emaciated donkeys and 3 very emaciated ponies. The remaining ponies were in reasonable condition BUT were extremely hungry.

One of the emaciated ponies went down over night, the vet is currently with her, she is unable to stand for more than a couple of minutes.

We are also appealing to everybody not to look the other way, when you see animals dying in the fields tell SOMEONE, get hay to them until the relevant people can get to them don’t just turn away. PLEASE for the sake of their innocent lives.

There are 6 stallion ponies, 3 mare ponies and 3 jack donkeys, 12 equines in total all in the care of Hungry Horse now. We are appealing to you our followers to help us out in any way you can, donations of food and contributions towards passports would be greatly appreciated.


sadieWe are hoping that with the New Year…a home will finally come for Sadie…The beautiful and special Sadie is still waiting for her forever home…she was handed to us when she was not at all well, after visiting the vet and having tests she was found to have severe diabetes…she was very ill as she was not being treated…her eyes are damaged and her bowels were not under her control…with great patience and love her wonderful foster carer has helped Sadie to become stable..her bowels are perfect and she has two insulin injections a day to keep her diabetes under control..her sight is not great but she manages to get around.Sadie is not young but she has a lot to offer. She is a very loving and sweet girl, she is desperately looking for a home to call her own…she is looking for a very special person to give her what she needs…could that be you????