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We are looking for a suitable home for our special needs cat Mel, she has problems with her back legs. A secure enclosure would indeed be ideal for Mel, as it would keep her safe while allowing some freedom of movement. She’s come on a lot personality wise, and I have been able to pet her and tickle under chin. She’s eating fine and uses litter tray but occasionally doesn’t cover it. The right home for Mel is out there, one that will provide her with the care and environment she needs to thrive. 

To adopt you will need the following:

  • A valid ID and a recent utility bill with your Eircode.
  • A €25.00 adoption fee to support our rescue work.
  • By adopting from us, you will save a life and help us care for more animals in need.
  • Please fill out the adoption inquiry form here:  INQUIRY FORM
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