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What to do if you find a Stray Dog 

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Here are some steps you can take if you encounter one: 

Contact Us: Reach out to us at 087 050 5594. We’ll share the details on our social media platforms to help locate the owner. 

Check for a Microchip: If feasible, bring the dog to a nearby vet. They can check for a microchip, which might help identify the owner. 

Inform the Local Garda Station: Let the local Garda station know about the stray dog. Provide all relevant details to assist in locating the owner. 

Inform the Roscommon Dog Shelter: You can also contact the Roscommon Dog Shelter at 090 666 2992 for further assistance. 

Returning a Dog to its Owner: When returning a dog to its owner, remember to request Proof of ID and proof of ownership.  

You can suggest meeting at the local Garda station for the handover. 

For more detailed information on the legislation regarding stray dogs, please refer to 

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