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We have been asked to help find a forever home for this fellow.

He is very timid and took a few months to come around to us, so he will need a lot of patience.
He is also quite old (possibly 10+) and was in a really bad state from being outside when we found him, so it would be great if he could be kept solely as an indoor cat.
I don’t think he would do well around children as he is scared very easily. But we think he would be okay with other cats as we have a couple of strays that visit the house and he gets on well with them.

He also has a lump on his neck which we got tested and it is benign, but the vet said it needs to be observed for changes. But the vet was happy enough that it wasn’t going to cause issues.

Other than that he is a lovely cat. He was very determined to survive, even though he had severe pneumonia when we found him. The vet didn’t think he would make it, especially with his age, but he pulled through. He was also terrified at the start but slowly started to play and be curious.

-There is an adoption fee of €20.00 each.
– We require proof of ID.
– Proof of Address.
– Plus Eircode.
If you are interested in giving a rescue cat/kitten a forever home, please fill in the adoption inquiry form here.

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