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A Message from Your Animal Shelter

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A Message from Your Animal Shelter

Your community’s animal shelter has a message for you. Actually, it has several messages for you. All of these messages are designed to help you think about the advantages of adopting a shelter animal rather than opting for an animal from a breeder.

Save a Rescued Animal’s Life

We have to tell you that, when you choose a shelter pet, you’re literally saving that animal’s life. These animals don’t want to spend unknown days or weeks in a shelter.  After bringing home a new rescue pet, you’ll get a lifetime of love and companionship.

Rescue Pets are Beautiful

Our animals may not all be purebreds. But they have their own, individual looks, which are beautiful. Your pet will bath you with smiles and kisses. You’ll be bringing home an adopted pet with lots of personality. While its original family may have given it up for a myriad of reasons, this means you have the chance to rescue and love a pet.

We Treat our Rescues with Kindness

Pet shops and animal mills aren’t known for meeting the needs of the animals in their care. Profit is their biggest, sometimes only, concern, which means medical needs, nutrition and exercise may not be provided for. At an animal shelter, these needs are met, giving these animals a shot at a better life.

Adopting a Rescued Pet Sets an Example

People follow the examples of people they respect. If this means that someone chooses to adopt a shelter animal, this action will be noticed in a good way. Set a good example.

Cut Down on Overpopulation

Adopting a rescue pet means you don’t need to find a baby animal from a breeder. This cuts down on overpopulation. The Humane Society says that roughly 2.4 million healthy animals are housed in shelters annually. All of these animals need homes.

Have Questions?

Once you adopt a rescue pet, you’ll have a lifeline to the shelter, if you have any questions or concerns. Employees and knowledgeable volunteers can help you to find the answers you need. Also, if you need help with pet behavior, one of the volunteers will be able to lead you to animal training or even socialization of your pet to humans.

Rescued Animals are Healthy

Each animal that comes into a shelter receives veterinary exams and treatment for any problems found during the exam. If the animal has parasites, these will be dealt with; illnesses will be treated and the pets will be spayed or neutered. All of this vet care may be included in adoption fees.

Give Us the Help we Need

When you adopt a rescue animal, you’re helping your shelter. The fee you pay helps incoming animals to get the care they need. That fee is also much less than what you’d pay to a breeder—about 80 percent less!

Your Pet is Waiting!

Visit your shelter this weekend and gaze into the faces of these animals. When you choose one, you’re gaining a family member.

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