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This is Molly a lovely twelve-year-old terrier who up to now has not had a good life. She has been in our care now for some time receiving the best care possible to help her survive. Molly has now turned the corner and she is starting to put on weight. Her white blood cell count is now back to normal. Her steroids have been reduced to half a tablet a day. She will have a further blood test next month.

Molly is microchipped, neutered, and vaccinated. We are now looking for a very special forever home. She will need a very quiet house as she likes to potter around doing her own thing. Would not be suitable for a home with young children and other animals. Can we get this special home for Molly? A very secure garden is essential as is a home check.

If you would like to inquire about adopting, please fill in the inquiry form here on the post. Click here for the inquiry form:

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