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This is Major a lovely eight-week-old male collie pup. He is microchipped, first vaccination and flea and wormed. His mother is a small Collie/Spaniel X. His Father is Unkown. Taking on a puppy is a big commitment for the rest of her life and will need a lot of commitment from the whole family. Daisy will not be available for rehoming for another three weeks.

*A secure garden is essential.

*Adoption fee applies.

* Home visit applies.

How Long Can Puppies Be Alone?

  • Under 10 weeks: 1 hour
  • 10-12 weeks: 2 hours
  • 3 months: 3 hours
  • 4 months: 4 hours
  • 5 months: 5 hours
  • 6 months: 6 hours
  • Over 6 months: Maximum 6-8 hours

Remember, dogs and especially puppies need to urinate often. As a guideline, new puppies up to 10 weeks old typically can’t hold their bladder for more than an hour. Dogs between 10 to 12 weeks old can usually hold it for around two hours.

Once your dog reaches three months old, they can usually hold it for an hour for each month they’ve been alive. After six months, dogs can usually hold it for up to six hours. However, even adult dogs shouldn’t be home alone for much longer than six to eight hours without a chance for a bathroom break.

If you would like to inquire about adopting, please fill in the inquiry form here on the post. Click here for the inquiry form:

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