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Meet Callie and Cookie

Callie is the one with more white on her. She was born in August 2021, so she is 1 year old. She is spayed and microchipped. She is just a pure bundle of joy and will keep you entertained. She is affectionate and very intelligent. She has learned to open cupboards and always knows where the treats are (you will need to hide them well!). She is incredibly sweet and will give a small, almost silent, little meow when she wants some attention and head scratches. She loves her neck under the chin being rubbed and will lick your hands infinitely in return. She is playful and enjoys playing with toys, preferably a piece of string or something you can wiggle around the floor as she loves that! She is a beautiful cat with a great personality, and you will quickly fall in love with her.

Cookie is the darker one. She was born on 17th May 2021, so she is 1 year and 3 months old. She is spayed. Cookie is the sweetest cat ever. She loves nothing more than food; if you feed her, that’s all it will take for her to worship you. She will finish off Callies bowl if Callie doesn’t finish it and still expect more! She enjoys sleeping either on a bed or in a nice comfy spot. She loves a bit of fuss while sleeping and will roll over so you can rub her incredibly soft belly. If she wants your attention, you will know as she will come to you and sing in the most beautiful little voice! She adores it if you scratch the spot on the back beside her tail and is always happy.

Both cats have been indoor/outdoor cats however spend most time indoors. They occasionally want to go out in the garden for a bit but stick very close and don’t roam. They’ll cry to come in, but they spend most of the time indoors.

They would make the most incredible pets. They respond very well to their names and are good with people, not bothered by anything. They are the happiest, easy-going cats.

– There is an adoption fee of €20.00 each.
– We require proof of ID.
– Proof of Address.
– Plus, Eircode.

If you are interested in giving a rescue cat/kitten a forever home, please fill in the adoption inquiry form here:

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