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This is Loki, a lovely two-year-old neutered male cat looking for a forever home.

Loki is a 2-year-old short black-haired kitty. He’s very sweet and loves attention and being around people he can trust. He can be a little shy around strangers but will slowly introduce himself. He loves chicken yoghurt and all sorts of treats, but his favourite would be cooked chicken and ham. 

Loki is a very active cat who loves playing around and having a good cuddle after draining all of his energy. He is also used to being picked up and carried/ cuddled over the shoulder.

– There is an adoption fee of €20.00.
– We require proof of ID.
– Proof of Address.
– Plus, Eircode.

. If you are interested in giving a rescue cat/kitten a forever home, please fill in the adoption inquiry form here:

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