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Rehoming Volunteer

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Welcome to our information page on what is involved in finding forever homes for our Cats & Kittens. Here you will learn about the adoption process. We hope you will find this page helpful and informative.


When we receive the details of a cat or kitten looking for a home, we put all the details including a photo on our Cat & Kitten database known as The Directory (knowledge of using a database is essential). There it will have all the details of the cat/kitten including where the cat/kitten is, be in foster care or with the owner. Each cat/kitten is given a ROS number to identify.


The details of each cat/kitten are then posted on our website and include the ROS number. This will also include a link to the inquiry form here you submit your details and it will also include the ROS number.

Link to website Cats for Rehoming –


The inquiry form then goes to our email account. Once you are on board we will give access. You access the inquiry form here and this begins the adoption process.

  • Read the form in detail.
  • Make contact with the person inquiring about adopting.
  • Log the inquiries details on The Directory.
  • Contact the person with the cat/kitten to update them.
  • Organise a home check.
  • If happy to proceed, send them the adoption form and on that is the link to pay the adoption fee.
  • Then coordinate the adoption.
  • Ensure the person adopting has a secure way ie cat carrier for transportation.

When all sorted update all the details on The Directory.


Inquiries also come in via the website, Facebook, messenger and by phone, in all those cases the next step would be to send them the link to the website.

From now on it will be getting very busy with the kitten season in full swing. Depending on the number of posts for homes we have on our website, some days you can be inundated with inquiries. It is essential for the SPCA that all queries are answered and followed up.

Sometimes you can get up to seven or eight inquiries for the same kitten, especially the very cute ones.

So, you would need time every day to go through the inquiries and follow up on adoption. It has to be dealt with every day. It gets hectic, it gets crazy, but it is what we do and we strive hard to get the best homes for all our animals.

You will be given full training on what needs to be done, there is a great support and you will not be alone.

If you feel you can help or want to know more you can fill in the volunteer inquiry form here.


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