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World Bee Day

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WORLD BEE DAY May 20, 2023

World Bee Day is observed across the world on May 20. On this day, beekeeping events are held to educate the general public about the importance of bees and beekeeping.

There is a special emphasis on the role of bees as pollinators and how they help to revive forest cover. Because the bee population is under threat, World Bee Day informs us how to protect bees and other pollinators. The Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association took the initiative for World Bee Day, which is now celebrated by environmentalists all over the world.

A third of the world’s food production depends on bees.

Bees pollinate (a process vital to crops growing) three-quarters (75%) of leading global crops, including oilseed rape, apples, soft fruits, beans and courgettes, as well as things like tomatoes and strawberries.

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