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Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) saves lives.

Roscommon SPCA is overrun with requests to help cats at the moment. We currently have requests from all over the County to help trap – Neuter – return cats, currently up to 80 cats at the moment and rising every day. Have you asked yourself what you can do to help? We simply cannot do it alone.

What does not help?

Calling/emailing/texting us to get the cats and solve “the problem”, we need your help to do this. Getting angry at us because we simply cannot help because of financial or capacity issues. If you think we are not doing all we can, you are wrong.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the humane approach to addressing community cat populations, works. It saves cats’ lives and is effective. TNR improves the lives of cats, addresses community concerns, reduces complaints about cats, and stops the breeding cycle. TNR improves the co-existence between outdoor cats and humans in our shared environment. This is why so many communities are adopting it.

We are currently appealing for donations to help with our community-based spaying/neutering programme. We are limited in the number of traps we have available. You can avail of our spaying/neutering programme regardless of circumstance. Send us your name/address/phone number/name of the vet and what you want done. It will only cost €20.00 to spay/neuter.

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