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Meet Piper, a 7-month-old Dalmatian/retriever mix who is looking for a loving home. Piper is a sweet and friendly girl who enjoys being around people and other dogs. She likes to get cuddles and rubs from her humans and is always eager to please. Piper has been vaccinated, microchipped, and vet-checked, so she is ready to go to her new family. She is also house-trained and lead-trained, which makes her easy to care for. Piper is still learning some basic commands, such as sit and stay, but she responds well to her name and can take food gently from your hand. Piper is a wonderful dog who will be a great companion and pet for anyone who adopts her.

*Adoption fee applies.

*A secure garden is essential.

* Home visit applies.

If you would like to ask about adopting, please fill in the inquiry form on the post. Click here for the inquiry form:

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