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ROS1490 2 Kittens ADOPTED

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Adoption Opportunity for Two Adorable Kittens

We are reaching out to find a loving forever home for two nine-week-old kittens. Despite their small size, they are full of life and love. Their mother was quite young herself, which may explain their petite stature, but it certainly doesn’t diminish their playful spirits. They are very friendly, but outdoor cats and with lots of time they can be become indoor cats.

The benefits of adopting kittens in pairs! – Roscommon Spca

We also offer a special €10.00 discount on neutering services for your kittens once they reach the appropriate age. Additionally, if you require our assistance in finding homes for the kittens, we kindly ask that you agree to have the mother cat neutered. This helps us ensure the well-being of all cats involved.

To adopt you will need the following:

  • A valid ID and a recent utility bill with your Eircode.
  • A €20.00 each adoption fee to support our rescue work.
  • By adopting from us, you will save a life and help us care for more animals in need.
  • Please fill out the adoption inquiry form here:  INQUIRY FORM
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