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King House Tea-Rooms

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A big thank you to Dorothy and her staff for organising this wonderful event to celebrate 8 years in business and supporting Roscommon SPCA. The event raised over €1,000 euro, and all money raised will go directly to helping sick and injured animals in the County.

Community events like the one organized by Dorothy and her team play a crucial role in fostering local engagement and supporting vital causes. The success of such events is often the result of collective effort and dedication.

The significant amount raised for the Roscommon SPCA is a testament to the community’s commitment to animal welfare. The contributions of individuals such as Martin, who managed the dog competition, and Anastasiia, whose photography skills captured the event, are invaluable.

Likewise, the hard work of Rosie, Mary, Finbar, and Anna’s assistance with photocopying, contributed to the smooth running of the event.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the day and also thank you to all those beautiful well-behaved dogs that took part on the day.

It’s heartening to see communities come together to support such important causes, reflecting the spirit of generosity and cooperation that is the backbone of strong communities.

The winners of the Dog Show: 1st Prize winners: –

Congratulations to the winners of the Dog Show! Homer, guided by Petra Kralova, has been recognized as the best-behaved dog, showcasing the importance of good manners.

Duchess, with Noah Wheeler, impressed everyone with her skills and won Best Trick, a testament to the unique talents our canine friends possess.

Rupert, pampered by Mary Looby, took home the prize for the fluffiest tail, highlighting the delightful charm of our furry companions.

Lastly, Panda, under Caoimhe Hanmore’s care, won the hearts of the judges as the grumpiest senior, reminding us of the endearing personalities that older dogs bring into our lives.

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