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Kya is a seventeen-month-old female Springer Spaniel / Poodle X. Kya is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, vet checked. She is house trained, lead trained, good on recall.

Kya is very social and loves her walks and meeting people. She has lots of energy and is mischievous and loves to play and chew her toys. She responds well to NO and will sit with hand commands. She is a normal pup who likes to get into things but will stop when using the no command. She also responds to the OUT command if she is somewhere she shouldn’t be. She particularly likes socks and slippers. She has never been left alone as she has always been with family She likes her food and is not a fussy eater.

*Adoption fee applies.

*A secure garden is essential.

* Home visit applies.

Remember that adopting a pet is a long-term commitment, so consider your lifestyle, living space, and ability to care for a dog before making this decision. If you would like to inquire about adopting one of our dogs, click the link here 

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