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This is Teddy a lovely twenty-one-month-old Terrier X looking for a new home. Teddy is neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated with all his medical needs up to date, which is excellent for his health and well-being. His proficiency with the lead and house training indicates that he has received good training and is likely to adapt well to a new home environment.  

However, Teddy’s inclination to form a strong bond with his owner and his protective nature indicate that he would thrive best in a calm environment where he can receive focused attention and guidance. This would help manage his protective instincts in a positive way. It’s essential for potential adopters to understand Teddy’s needs for a peaceful home without children, where his tendencies can be nurtured through consistent training and a stable routine. This will ensure a harmonious relationship between Teddy and his future family, allowing his loyalty and affectionate qualities to shine. 

*Adoption fee applies.

*A secure garden is essential.

* Home visit applies.

Remember that adopting a pet is a long-term commitment, so consider your lifestyle, living space, and ability to care for a dog before making this decision. If you decide to adopt Teddy or any other dog, you’ll be giving them a loving forever home!

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