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Roscommon SPCA is looking for help in the following areas. Can you spare a few hours now and again?

CHURCH GATE COLLECTIONS: We have Church Gate collections most weekends in different areas of Co. Roscommon; we always need a few extra pairs of hands to rattle those buckets. Please contact us if you can spare a few hours now and again when a church gate collection is in your area.

FUNDRAISING: Our fundraising is ongoing, and we are desperately looking for help. If we are not successful in getting more people to help, we will have to cut back drastically on what we do. We must continually look to fund-raise as this is our lifeline for saving the animals. You can do your fundraising, just log onto our website or Facebook and follow the iDonate link.

FOSTERING: Can anyone out there help foster cats, dogs, or pups, long or short-term? We will do everything to help support you; we will pay for veterinary care or food.

GENERAL HELP: If you feel you could offer any help to us, please contact us. We have a very hard-working committee, and they cannot do it alone. We need backup people to help us carry on helping the animals.

There are many ways to help raise money for Roscommon SPCA. We have on our website and Facebook a donation button that, if you click on, you can set up your fundraising page for Roscommon SPCA. If you would like to help, please fill in the form online.

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