Roscommon SPCA announces its closure as from today Tuesday 19th September 2017. Roscommon SPCA may at some time in the future be up and running again.

If you have any inquiries regarding Roscommon SPCA or animal welfare issues, please direct them to the ISPCA on 043 332 5035.

All animals in our care have been re-homed.

If you have concerns about animal welfare, please contact the following:
A National Animal Cruelty Helpline operated by the ISPCA. If you believe an animal is being cruelly treated or neglected, please call 1890 515515, or you can fill in an online confidential complaint form
If you have concerns over animal welfare (domestic animals) you will need to contact your local Garda station first or the ISPCA on 043 332 5035.

Concern over farm animal’s welfare donkeys, horses and cattle must be reported to the Department of Agriculture on 090 663 0100.

Concerns over dogs, stray dogs etc. can be reported to the Dog Warden on 090 666 2992.